WordPress 5

Gutember looks a bit tricky in the beginning, but I can get used to it, probably.

The Three Virtues of a Great Programmer

I’m for sure not a great programmer, but I find myself 100% convinced that the three virtues of great programmer from Larry Wall are the best explanation of what a great programmer is.

How to scrape that web page with Node.js and puppeteer

A little tutorial on how to start web scraping with puppeteer, the Node.js library which provides a high-level API to control Chrome or Chromium over the DevTools Protocol.

How to find ideas for beer money?

How to find ideas for beer money? Is it all about little problems? Are you the Startup Guy or the Passive Income Hacker. I don’t know who I am, but I want to be the PIH!

This is the kind of automation I like!

I should learn how to make money with a cluster of Raspberry Pi. Looks like it’s really that easy. Or not?

Some tips from when you work from home

In this article you’ll read some tips and tricks that I use when I work from home. The final trick is to trick your mind in thinking you’re not at home, really.

How to find a cofounder for your startup

In this article I teach you how to find a tech co-founder for your startup. It’s really that simple, you don’t have to look around anymore. 😉

Software Industry VS anything else

It’s amazing how much better we Software folks have it when it comes to starting a business. The profit margins for a single-player SaaS business (like many, out there, check this) can be somewhere around 90%. And the interesting thing about that isn’t even the number. It’s that SaaS is so profitable that you don’t even have to calculate your margins.

Some of my GitHub repositories

GitHub is going to be acquired by Microsoft. While they sort their stuff out I’ll take the chance to share some of my GitHub repositories. They’re not that big, but they’re mine.

How to use Docker for easy and fast WordPress development

The docker-compose.yml file I use for WordPress development explained, and why I moved away from Vagrant and the vccw.cc environment for speed and isolation. Plus, this is the first post of this blog, so “Hello, World!”