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Digital detox

How my broken iPhone is helping me trying to digital detox.

How to get into “the zone”

How I get into “the zone” while working on something really important that needs 100% of my attention

Calm technology

How many are notifications are necessary? How and when should they be displayed? To answer this, we can be inspired by the principles of calm technology

Job requirements

I got an average of 2/3 emails per day from LinkedIn. I don’t know if this is more funny or sad.

Signs it’s time to leave your company

Happened to me in 2019. It’s quite easy to figure out when you have to leave a company.

A Facebook crawler was making 7M requests per day to my stupid website

A Facebook crawler was making 7M requests per day to my stupid website, not much to say…

So, you want to be a programmer?

Plenty of people are wannabe programmers. They’ll tell you about their idea, all the research they’ve done, the cool features they’ve come up with. Very few actually do anything about it.

How to find the perfect solution

Let’s say you have a huge programming problem to solve. How do you solve it? What’s your approach?


I love my job. Conferences are one of the best part of my job. FOSDEM is one of the best conference I’ve attended.

About software architecture

A good architecture is important, otherwise it becomes slower and more expensive to add new capabilities in the future Martin Fowler: Software Architecture Guide