Job requirements

I got an average of 2/3 emails per day from LinkedIn. I don’t know if this email with a list of non-sense requirements is more funny or sad: I’ll leave it to you.

Here is a little part of all the requirements needed to apply for this job.

Degree in computer science, software engineering or related STEM equivalent.

This is reasonable, even if we can discuss a lot about computer science degrees.

HTTP2 protocol, REST (Richardson REST Maturity Model Level 2)

Well… I’ve never seen Richardson’s levels cited in a job description.

Mobile development: Swift 5 on iOS 13 and Kotlin 1.3 on Android 6, Firebase.

Lovely. I know probably 1 person able to do both Swift and Kotlin at a professional level.

Back-end development: npm, TypeScript 4, NodeJS, ExpressJS and Firebase Cloud Functions.


Front-end development: npm, Angular 10, TypeScript 3.9, PHP 7.2, HTML5 and CSS3.

What? I know only TypeScript 4 like in the previous requirement! There’s a version mismatch here!

Architect and Design the evolution of the Company apps, outlining the company’s technological vision and components, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs.

Isn’t this the CTO job?

Develop, lead and upkeep project timeline and work plan. Interface with external and internal stakeholders.

Isn’t this the PO/PM job?

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