1. KeyRemap4MacBook
    A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for OS X
    KeyRemap4MacBook - Software for OS X

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  2. I have heard HN’ers describe being in the “zone”, a mental state where you block out the entire rest of the world and are extremely productive.
    I used to be able to get there regularly, but I went through a stage in my life where I had an enormous amount on my mind, and hence a lot of serious distractions. Life has since calmed down, but non-serious distractions have taken the place of the serious distractions. I am fortunate to have blocks of hours at a time where I have nothing to attend to but my own work. What are your mental strategies for making the most use of them? Thank you!
    Ask HN: How do you get and stay in the “zone”? | Hacker News

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  3. From the Sublime office: We are not selling to Github, we are not stopping development of Sublime. As noted by another poster, this is effectively a one man band (I’m here to answer sales questions, process your refunds and get the mail so Jon doesn’t have to). The past few months of silence on the development front have been a combination of boring back end work (taxes, new payment platform) as well as a break for the man driving this whole operation. No, we don’t currently have a loud internet presence, which is can be an understandable cause for concern-something we intend to address once we move into the production version of 3. There is a vision for continued growth and development, there is momentum behind Sublime Text; it is not dead, just slow.
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  5. Heartbleed walks into a bar, and says “Hello!” The bartender says: “Hello! ——-BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY——-GDSSHPAIBAAJB…”

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