1. PHP is a hose, you usually plug one end into a car exhaust, and the other you stick in through a window and then you sit in the car and turn the engine on.
    If programming languages were weapons

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  2. Flourish provides a strong, base set of PHP classes that run pretty much anywhere, helping you focus on solving more interesting problems. Extensive documentation and a sane API help you get stuff done, whether you are building a new app or maintaining a legacy website.
    Flourish, PHP Unframework

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  3. I want you to think about what you’re doing right now. I mean really think about it. As your eyes move across these lines and funnel information to your brain, you’re taking part in a conversation I started with you. The conveyance of that conversation is the type you’re reading on this page, but you’re also filtering it through your experiences and past conversations. You’re putting these words into context. And whether you’re reading this book on paper, on a device, or at your desk, your environment shapes your experience too. Someone else reading these words may go through the same motions, but their interpretation is inevitably different from yours.
    How We Read · An A List Apart Article

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