How to write a microservice in Go with Go kit

I’ve searched a lot on the Internet (I consider my google-fu quite good) for some well written tutorial about writing simple "RESTful" microservices in Go with Go kit.

I was not able to find any…

Examples from the Go kit repository are good, but documentation is dull, IMHO.

I then decided to buy this book, called Go Programming Blueprints, 2nd Edition which is quite good, but has only two chapters dedicated to Go kit (one for actual development of a microservice and one for the actual deploy) and I don’t really care for now about gRPC, which examples on chapter 10 of the book are also implementing. To much scaffolding code if you ask me 😛

Sooo, I decided to give back something to the community and write a tutorial, in order to "learn by doing". This tutorial will be heavily inspired by the book mentioned above, and probably could be improved in many ways.

Feel free to give a feedback!

You will find the link to the complete tutorial on

And here you will find the full code for you to use!

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